Usual fonts to all the products of computers running Windows & apple equivalents

Usual fonts to all the products of computers running Windows & apple equivalents


Below you’ll find record employing the regular pair of typefaces popular for all models of computers running Windows as well as their Mac substitutes, introduced often as “browser safer typefaces”. This is actually the referral i take advantage of when reaching webpage and I be expecting you will discover it valuable as well.

In the event you new at all to website creation, perhaps you are convinced: “Why i must limit to that particular smaller collection of typefaces? I have a sizable selection of good typefaces inside my technology”. Very well, as experienced web-site designers already know, windows will use just the typefaces installed in each laptop, therefore implies that every visitor of your respective page should have all the fonts you have to utilize installed in his or her computers. Admittedly, different people may have various fonts mounted, therefore are offered the requirement of a standard pair of typefaces. As luck would have it, CSS makes it possible for specify a few worth for its font-family belongings, which helps the duty a little bit.

If you wish to realize the fonts tends to be demonstrated some other OS’s or windows than your own website, bash counter you can find several screen photos of these web page in software and windows. Furthermore, you can actually look on the a number of the traditional fonts incorporated with each model of Microsoft windows.


First of all, a few introductory notes:

  • The manufacturers in gray are considered the universal group Pet dating of each font.
  • Periodically the apple counterpart is similar font, since Mac OS by also contains many typefaces delivered with Microsoft windows.
  • The records in the bottoom consists of certain information about a few of the typefaces.
Windows typefaces / apple fonts / Font kids

Normal fashion Bold design
Arial, Arial, Helvetica , sans-serif Arial, Arial, Helvetica , sans-serif
Arial Black, Arial Black, Gadget , sans-serif Arial Ebony, Arial charcoal, unit , sans-serif
Comic Sans MS, Comic Sans MS 5 , cursive Comic Sans MS, comedian Sans MS 5 , cursive
Courier brand new, Courier New , monospace Courier New, Courier New , monospace
Georgia 1 , Georgia , serif Georgia 1 , Georgia , serif
influence, Impact 5 , Charcoal 6 , sans-serif effect, influence 5 , Charcoal 6 , sans-serif
Lucida Console, Monaco 5 , monospace Lucida Console, Monaco 5 , monospace
Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida extenso , sans-serif Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande , sans-serif
Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua 3 , Palatino , serif Palatino Linotype, e-book Antiqua 3 , Palatino , serif
Tahoma, Geneva , sans-serif Tahoma, Geneva , sans-serif
Times unique Roman, era New Roman, Times , serif occasions brand new Roman, moments brand-new Roman, hours , serif
Trebuchet MS 1 , Trebuchet MS , sans-serif Trebuchet MS 1 , Trebuchet MS , sans-serif
Verdana, Verdana, Geneva , sans-serif Verdana, Verdana, Geneva , sans-serif
Symbol, logo (expression 2 , Symbol 2 ) icon, icon (image 2 , image 2 )
Webdings, Webdings (Webdings 2 , Webdings 2 ) Webdings, Webdings (Webdings 2 , Webdings 2 )
Wingdings, Zapf Dingbats (Wingdings 2 , Zapf Dingbats 2 ) Wingdings, Zapf Dingbats (Wingdings 2 , Zapf Dingbats 2 )
MS Sans Serif 4 , Geneva , sans-serif MS sans-serif 4 , Geneva , sans-serif
MS Serif 4 , ny 6 , serif MS Serif 4 , ny 6 , serif

1 Georgia and Trebuchet MS tends to be included with Microsoft windows 2000/XP and they are in addition part of the IE font package (and bundled along with other MS purposes), so they really are quite common in computers running Windows 98 methods.

2 Symbolic fonts are merely displayed in ie, in other browsers a font substitute is utilized alternatively (the icon font really does work in Opera in addition to the Webdings will work in Safari).

3 guide Antiqua is practically the identical font that Palatino Linotype, Palatino Linotype comes with Windows 2000/XP while Book Antiqua had been bundled with screens 98.

4 These fonts may not be TrueType fonts but bitmap fonts, so that they are not going to have a look better when making use of some font shapes (they’re designed for 8, 10, 12, 14, 18 and 24 stage sizes at 96 DPI).

5 These fonts are employed in Safari but only if making use of typical font preferences, instead of with daring or italic trends. Comedian Sans MS operates in strong although in italic. Some other apple windows has a tendency to copy appropriately the designs not just furnished by the font (courtesy Christian Fecteau when it comes to rule).

6 These typefaces can be found in Mac computer OS by only when Timeless try setup (because of Julian Gonggrijp your corrections).

How fonts look-in various systems and browsers

  • Mac computer OS by 10.4.8, Firefox 2.0, font smoothing allowed (compliment of Juris Vecvanags for the test chance)
  • Mac Computer OS By 10.4.4, Firefox 1.5, font smoothing allowed (because of Eric Zavesky for any display screen go)
  • Apple OS By 10.4.11, Safari 3.0.4, font smoothing enabled (due to Nolan Gladius the display screen go)
  • Apple OS X 10.4.4, Safari 2.0.3, font smoothing enabled (courtesy Eric Zavesky the display chance)
  • House windows panorama, web browser 7, ClearType enabled (due to Michiel Bijl for monitor picture)
  • Microsoft windows panorama, Firefox 2.0, ClearType allowed (as a result of Michiel Bijl for all the display screen try)
  • Or windows 7, Internet Explorer 6, ClearType allowed
  • Or Windows 7, Firefox 1.0.7, ClearType enabled
  • Or windows 7, Internet Explorer 6, vital font smoothing permitted
  • Windows XP, Firefox 1.0.7, Essential font smoothing enabled
  • House windows 2000, Internet Explorer 6, important font smoothing permitted
  • Windowpanes 2000, Firefox 1.0.7, Practical font smoothing enabled
  • Linux (Ubuntu 7.04 + Gnome), Firefox 2.0 (with Juris Vecvanags for the display screen shot)

Observe that as the ClearType smoothing is put on always, the normal font smoothing of screens 98/2000/XP is put on and then several font models. That dimensions is stipulated by your font fashion designer, but frequently these are typically within the ranges of 0-6 and 14+ factors (pt).

The Mac font record got extracted from the internet browser protected Fonts PDF of webbedEnvironments and within the total of typefaces in apple OS X for the Wikipedia.