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University Enterprises, Inc. Campus Dining at Sac State

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Work-Related illness or injury

…/Illness directions for reporting a work associated injury/illness for both emergency and non -emergency situations. Accident Report – Work Related Injury/Illness This for m represents both the initial notification of work-related injury/illness and detail by detail report regarding the injury/illness. This for m is usually to be finished because of the employee and supervisor with in twenty-four hour s of injury/illness. Employees’ Compensation Claim For m (DWC1) This for m is usually to be completed…


…hanges. Price changes: Supervisors finish this for m to offer a worker a pay enhance. (All pay increases require HR approval and really should have a highly effective date of either the 1st or even the sixteenth of this thirty days.) Separation from Employment Procedures Suggestions Voluntary that is regarding and worker termination. Separation from Employment For m This for m should always be submitted to UEI Human Resource s ahead of the employee’s day that is last . Ill Leave for Pa…

Why do i have to fill an employment status out form each semester?

…to the start of each semester/quarter (wintertime, springtime and summer time). The status for m verifies an employees’ work status plus the wide range of hour s per the employee can work week. Any moment an workers’ status modifications, a status that is new m should be finished and submitted to Human site s for processing. The status for m additionally qualifies scholar Assistants, whom meet particular requirements, become exempt from Social safety Tax (FICA/MEDI)….

About University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI)

…s. For example building acquisitions, federal research funds, and vital resource s for instance the Hornet Bookstore, Dining Services , as well as the Upper Eastside Lofts. Within the last few years, UEI’s help of Sacramento State has resulted in huge amount of money for training and learning initiatives, also enhanced class room for pupils. These important solutions and functions are supplied prior to the objectives associated with the CSU under A working A…

Student/Non-Benefited Workers

Part-time scholar Assistant New sletter Employee on line reputation For m This for m verifies your eligibility for keeping work and because UEI is definitely an organization that is auxiliary of State, unique Social protection Tax (FICA/MEDI) exemptions can be obtained to Sac State pupils signed up for at the very least six (6) semester devices for undergraduates and four (4) semester units for graduate students and whom work lower than 30 hour s each week…

Payroll Solutions

… Pay roll Services …

Just how do I log into UEI worker on line?

…Your UEI worker on the web (EO) login can be your 8 employee that is digit quantity (you must form the best zeros). The first-time you log into EO, your password can be your 9 digit social protection quantity (without having the dashes). The machine shall prompt you to definitely improve your password….

Just how do I get on UEI worker on line (EO)?

…Your UEI worker on line login can be your 8 employee that is digit (you must form the key zeros). The time that is first get on EO, your password is the 9 digit social protection quantity (devoid of the dashes). The machine will prompt one to improve your password….

We have forgotten my password for Employee Online – just how do I reset it?

…If you have got for gotten your EO password, choose the GOT that is FOR PASSWORD in the UEI worker on the web login web web web web page and stick to the instructions….

We created a popular or bookmark in Web Explorer to gain access to OneSolution Desktop or worker Online log in web web web web page the good news is my reports don’t work or I’m having troubles logging in.

…Browsing History. Then close and re-start ie. For worker on line As soon as the favorite is initially developed, the Address that is conserved can look something such as: to really make the bookmark work, right click the favorite and select Properties. Show the internet Document tab and alter the Address to: from the web Explorer device club, c…

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