Safe Browsing the Transparency Report includes information on the threats that Safe Browsing identifies.

Safe Browsing the Transparency Report includes information on the threats that Safe Browsing identifies.

Health And Safety First

Maintaining over four billion products safer.

Bing secure Browsing helps protect over four billion products every single day by showing warnings to users if they make an effort to navigate to dangerous sites or down load files that are dangerous. Secure Browsing additionally notifies website owners whenever their web sites are compromised by harmful actors helping them diagnose and resolve the issue to make certain that their site site site site visitors remain safer. Secure Browsing defenses work across Bing services and products and energy safer browsing experiences over the online.

The Transparency Report includes our web web Site reputation tool that is diagnostic you need to use to see whether a website presently contains content that Safe Browsing has determined become dangerous.

Product Protection

Secure Browsing protects Google as well as other items.

Chrome along with other Browsers

Chrome as well as other browsers utilize secure Browsing to exhibit users a warning message before they see a dangerous web web site or download a harmful software. Our scanning infrastructure additionally protects the Chrome online store from possibly extensions that are harmful. Discover more


Users see a secure Browsing message in search engine results whenever secure Browsing has unearthed that the site they’re about to consult with could be dangerous. Discover more


Secure Browsing protects users that are gmail pinpointing dangerous links in electronic mails and showing warnings if users click in it. Find out more


Bing and Android os protection groups collaborated to build up an software scanning infrastructure that protects Google Enjoy and capabilities Verify Apps to safeguard users whom install apps from outside Bing Enjoy. Secure Browsing additionally protects Chrome users on Android os by showing them warnings before they see dangerous internet internet web sites. Find out more

Google’s Ads safety team utilizes secure Browsing to make certain that Bing advertisements usually do not market pages that are dangerous. Find out more


A brief history of security

Secure Browsing established in 2007 to safeguard users over the internet from phishing assaults, and it has developed to provide users tools to simply help protect on their own from web-based threats like spyware, unwelcome computer pc computer computer software, and social engineering across desktop and mobile platforms.

Our secure Browsing engineering, item, and operations groups work on the forefront of safety research and technology to construct systems that assist users protect themselves from damage. Have a look at our Research while the Bing protection we we we Blog for updates on secure Browsing as well as other Google protection technology.

API Documentation

Protection for many

To help make the Web safer for everyone, we’ve made Safe Browsing services free and publicly readily available for designers as well as other organizations to utilize within their applications and browsers. Today, half the world’s online populace is protected by secure Browsing. If you’re a designer and wish to protect your users from online threats, get going by going to our API Documentation. If you’re a website owner, it is possible to join Bing Research Console to get notifications which help with safety problems.


Secure adult dating only Browsing provides users the capability to protect on their own from numerous kinds of unsafe web web sites and applications. Our policies assist determine the kinds of internet threats about which secure Browsing will inform users and website owners.


Since 2006, secure Browsing has warned users once they make an effort to navigate to internet web internet sites that could be harmful. Malware is computer software created specifically to damage a tool, the application it is operating, or its users.

Excessive Software

In 2014, we included security against a diverse group of harmful technology you don’t want that we now call “Unwanted Software”: for example, programs disguised as helpful downloads that actually make unexpected changes to your computer like switching your homepage or other browser settings to ones.

Social Engineering

Since 2005, secure Browsing has protected users over the internet from personal Engineering assaults.

A personal Engineering assault tricks users into doing an action which they usually wouldn’t normally when they knew the genuine identification regarding the attacker. an example that is common Phishing, where a full page attempts to take a person’s password or other individual information.