Phantom financial obligation collectors law that is impersonate. n truth, the FTC claims, the defendants pressured individuals into having to pay debts they never ever owed

Phantom financial obligation collectors law that is impersonate. n truth, the FTC claims, the defendants pressured individuals into having to pay debts they never ever owed

They undoubtedly cannot arrest you for unpaid financial obligation. Record every call you receive in for illegal debt collection practices, you can also sue for damages from them and turn them.

We received a call from a Sherry O’Neal with ncr 3 times from 918-340-6497 by having a call straight back quantity ext 118 and my guide quantity 58857in a line. I do not answer my phone and allow it go to vocals mail plus the message which was kept by Sherry O’Neal had been 3 various women She reported at my house and notifying my employer that she noticed I had a service date coming up and they would be servicing me. We went along to Google to locate the very first quantity and it had been related to a scam. Then I seemed within the call straight back and scam. When will these social individuals be power down. Enough will do. therefore fed up with the scam crap!

In addition received a call out of this woman. They call from a regional quantity (i am in Ca) so when we ask where she actually is positioned she claims Georgia. She really scared me personally and contains had me stressed all week. We thought it had been a scam, but ended up being nevertheless frightened. Uncertain exactly exactly how they got my information.

We have had a few telephone calls from an organization claiming become genuine wanting to collect a financial obligation from an online payday loan from 2012 utilizing a address We relocated away from in 2008 with a banking account that We closed in 2005. We reveal to them that We never ever had any pay day loans and additionally they threatened these were likely to garnish my wages that will be against Pennsylvania State Law. Additionally they were told by me beneath the Pennsylvania Fair Debt Act that most communication needs to be done through mail. I told them they get paid to find it when they demanded my address. The phone call nevertheless kept arriving them a dose of their own medicine until I gave. A day for 2 weeks to finally get rid of them I had to use a prank phone calling app and send them a hundred thousand phone calls. Based on our neighborhood FBI workplace it absolutely was a scam that is complete

We received a call yesterday on my cellular phone and after this to my work phone from the Ca quantity (559-573-8875). The voicemail communications said the caller had been John Burrell through the appropriate unit of Capital Reassurance. They threatened to serve my manager, garnish my wages, etc., regarding two “pending allegations” against me personally. I happened to be instructed to phone (667) 206-1863. I’ve no pending allegations against me personally and won’t be calling. These phone telephone telephone calls are so annoying.

We received a call out of this ongoing company”Capital Reassurance” too. They called me personally on my work phone as well as my cell phone friday. Kept a message stating that they had two pending allegations against me personally, exactly like they did yourself DMiller. I became told by a freind of mine not to ever call them right back given that it ended up being a scam. Well today (Monday) i simply received the exact same call from this provider once again, saying it was my last notification and so they would earnestly persue me personally inside my work and house. we called them as well as they stated I experienced applied for a cash advance back 2012 and I also did not repay it. WE HAVE NEVER APPLIED FOR A PAY LOAN in my life day. I simply hung through to them. These telephone telephone calls are therefore aggravating. They take to and intimidate and scare individuals into spending money on something they failed to do.

We have instantly gotten telephone calls from the number that is random to call right right right back many times just about every day. They just do not state who they really are and additionally they called my boyfriend along with his moms and dads at their figures. We have been perhaps maybe not connected in every real means and reside in split houses. I have never utilized him being a guide and I also would not have their moms and dads quantity so just how in the field would a company that is legitimate their info and start to become calling about both of us since we’ve absolutely absolutely nothing together? It’s very unsettling. They call from 916-596-3751 and additionally they state to phone 877-350-2917. Bing failed to bring any companies up with those numbers.

I am getting phone calls from that 877 quantity also. Will they be asking to speak about some other person ? Into the voicemail they stated We have some connection to some one they will have questions regarding in addition they state they’ve been from GPO

Called me personally shopping for all about member of the family. These were evasive and vague about who they really are. I really couldn’t find any information about them on the net therefore I provided them very little and insisted which they never call me personally once more.

Got a call from a Blocked quantity from a “Legal Courier in Maricopa County” “Dave” stating that they had appropriate papers to provide me personally with this matched my name and SS# They will certainly provide me at 3-5pm within my house or workplace right in front of security/supervisor. They will consider it a refusal and proceedings will continue without me if they do not get a signature. Also the full case number they provided is searchable on public record information and didn’t match any such thing. The amount they left

Gotten voicemail wording that is same Justin shows above.

I acquired a call today that is similar. Very nearly wording that is identical a woman known as Aubrey. We called the true quantity she left plus they desired re payment plans for a bank-account from 2009 if not they might provide me personally. Seeing the way the statute of limits is 6 years in Arizona we told him to proceed.

I recently got that exact exact same telephone call on my sound mail.. From the Dave Wilson posing being a separate processor. very same wording. he previously my old name that is married ten years ago. I possibly couldn’t trace him cause he previously a number that is restricted.

We additionally received a call from Dave today via sound message saying that there’s a claim against me right here’s the number ‬. This sort of material needs to stop

We received a call from 518-509-1006 (NY quantity and I also reside in Florida) (under my married name, that we are divorced for more than 4 years now) telling me personally there is a pending judgment against me personally (in a county that i actually don’t are now living in) in addition they want to get a your hands on me personally (left the final 4 of my social on my voicemail)within 48 hours, that they called your day before and stated exactly the same thing. They called my ex-husband searching for me personally aswell and also told him that it was for an online payday loan and bad checks and asked him how do they get hold of me personally. We have filed a problem and contacted an attorney because this is unlawful. This will be therefore stressful and time intensive and also this would not begin before the information breach with Equifax.