One Punch Man Workout: The Science behind Saitama Workout

One Punch Man Workout is one of the most engaging training plans you’ll see.

Defying the laws of many personal trainers and personal trainers, the One Punch Man Workout is something different from the usual workout that made a Manga character, Saitama, the strongest man that ever lived.

He travels the lonely path as a super-hero, and can take on foes with one strike.

With this essay, we will review the story of The One Punch Man Workout, what it can accomplish for you, what muscles it will work on, its practicality and what kind of diet you’ll need and how the Saitama Workout can be done each day!.

Saitama’s Story

A 22-year old unemployed Japanese man who would like to be an eminent superhero.

However, to be the ultimate superhero, he must to become stronger. It can only be achieved through a rigorous training regimen.

Once returning from a rejected job interview, he ran into Crablante who was a Mysterious Being that transformed to a humanoid after eating too much crab and then undergoing a metamorphosis.

Crablante threatened to devour somebody, and Saitama swoops in to save him. After a fight Saitama takes out the eye of the Crablante with his tie . Saitama is able to defeat the crabman. This inspires Saitama to pursue his ambition and become a superhero.

That’s how the Saitama Workout was link website

However, Saitama does have a dark side.

Although he was the strongest of men Saitama was unsatisfied. He was strong enough that one could take on an adversary in a single blow. It was impossible to challenge his strength, leaving him depleted inside and made his life lacking in satisfaction.

How did Saitama become the world’s strongest man?

Saitama followed a program of exercise that lasted three years. He eventually became the strongest man on earth.

The exercise was performed every daily. After one and a half years, he was stronger enough that he lost his hair. However, that wasn’t enough to hinder him. He began to realize that he was becoming a superhero.

What is actually Saitama Workout?

One Punch Man Workout

100 Push-ups 100 Sit-ups

100 Squats

10 Km run.

Every single day!

It’s not necessary to do this starting from day one. In the coming article, we’ll help you complete a 100 reps.

What can One Punch Man Workout make you stronger?

If you’re hoping that will be able to take down a human with one punch It is achievable without exercising routine.

However, that’s not the purpose, you’ll notice that Saitama Workout is slightly radical compared to other workouts. For example, the workout doesn’t include rest days, it contains a substantial number of reps, and it’s the exact same exercises every day.

The overload and specificity principle of exercise physiology does assist in the work of the same muscle every day. Research has shown working compound exercises are more efficient if they are repeated more often.

The capacity for mitochondrial oxidation and mitochondrial function increase quicker with more frequent training.

Never ever use the air conditioner in the summer, or heat in the winter. So you can build your mind stronger – Saitama

Training for exercise is an adaptive process. During regular training, your body engages in chronic adaptation. But this is a process that requires lots of work and sacrifice.

Extremely agile athletes exercise hard like this working out larger muscle areas every single day. They include boxers MMA fighters, calisthenics masters.

100 reps with a 10km run is not the most difficult exercise. However, it requires significant effort in the beginning.

Even if you’re not aiming for fitness it is important to follow the Saitama Workout exercise program can increase your fitness level to its best levels.

What’s the best Punch Man Workout be for you?

If you’re in search of more endurance, strength, or a toned body, The Saitama Workout will be fun as well as motivating and extremely rewarding.

In each compound workout, it covers each major muscle that is located in the upper body, lower body, as well as the core.

As you can see in the image In the picture, the three bodyweight exercises are designed to target all the primary muscles employed.

In the Push Up section, you should use shoulders traps, delts, chest, and upper abs

Sit-Ups: Abs, obliques, lower back

Squats: Hamstrings, quads, hips, calves, knees, back

A run of 10km will dramatically improve your endurance, as it increases the rate of VO2 (maximum rate of consumption of oxygen) and mitochondrial capacity to oxidize.


There are other advantages for One Punch Man Workout and why you should opt for it.

Cardiovascular health: Running may improve the strength of your heart muscles. When you exercise your heart pumps blood more quickly to your lungs and around the body. More blood flows to your muscles and oxygen levels rise in your blood.

Training for endurance: Regular exercise can help you build endurance. As running does to your heart, training will help you build stronger muscles. Research shows that more reps will adapt faster to training when is about endurance training.

The workout is simple to do: Aside from the physiological and physical benefits the workout is simple to follow. A daily workout plan. It makes it easier for a trainer to exercise when he knows what to do and what to want from his workout.

Exercise with bodyweights is highly sought-after due their compound benefits as well as the flexibility of doing them wherever. It doesn’t matter where you where you are, there’s no excuse and can do it everyday.

It’s fun and motivating: The training can be fun since you’re aware of the challenge and continue to work hard every day. After you have completed your workout everyday, it will give an incredible feeling of accomplishment. You’ll also be proud to tell those around you what you’re doing, even if they dismiss you as crazy.

The workout may sound insane and can cause concern for overtraining, muscles discomfort and injury.

Injury and Overtraining

The compound exercises described inside the One Punch Man Workout are commonplace exercises that our ancient ancestors practiced almost every day.

So, if you do this regularly, over time your body’s structure will change like it did with our prehistoric ancestors.

Weight training the same muscle daily can result in soreness to the muscles as these exercises aren’t natural and may not work for most of us.

The training is compound and carried out within daily activities. A gradual increase in pressure won’t cause fatigue, soreness and injury.

Start slowly and not overtrain yourself.

The 100 Reps Guide

Getting to 100 in one run isn’t advisable on the initial day or on the first day. However, you can pace your progress towards 100 reps.

There’s two strategies you can achieve this:

  • Break it into sets
  • Set resting minutes

First Week

20 reps, 5 sets during each workout.

The rest of the time is about 2-3 minutes between.

Three times per week

Second Week

25 reps four sets

1-minute period of rest

Four times per week

The remainder of the time, check your performance and adjust your training accordingly: reduce the rest and sets.

The goal is to reach about 100 reps for one set . It could be much slower than it should take.

According Saitama’s suggestion, the most important thing is to make it a habit to do it daily! However, it is possible to not be able to do it in a timely manner.

How do I get 10Km?

Running is a vital part in the Saitama Workout. No one runs every day for 10 miles.

But you can if you be patient. Saitama warned that it could be difficult, but the benefits cannot be matched.

First Week

Start with 3-5 kilometers

Three times per week

Second Week

7 km to 7 km

Four times a week

For the remainder of the weeks, gradually increase your speed as well as distance.

When you’re convinced that you’ve plateaued for 3-4 days a week, you can try to do it everyday. It may take several months.


Increase your distance by 10% every week.

Make sure you run between 60 and 70% of your sprint speed.

Slow down when losing breath.

Saitama’s Diet

Saitama explains diet in one sentence.

Three meals a day is recommended and make sure you eat breakfast regularly (a banana in the early morning is fine).

There’s a lot of wisdom in that phrase. You can eat whatever you like, breakfast is vital in the morning, and bananas act as a boost.

We recommend that you take at least .8g for every pound of body weight. Before your workout, consume some carbs as well as vegetables for the right diet.


One Punch Man inspires many of its fans to become superheroes.

When we check the internet, nobody seems to have attempted the exercise consistently and haven’t seen a real-life example.

It is a simple workout, doable, and comparatively easy. There are many athletes and mixed martial arts practitioners who follow an extensive training program.

Science and other similar exercises highlight its advantages. In the end, Saitama Workout is a reality that we all need to consider trying it out.

Let us know what think about One Punch Man. One Punch Man Workout.