Let me make it clear more info on OSCOLA FAQs

Let me make it clear more info on OSCOLA FAQs

The suggested statements on these pages have never yet been talked about and authorized by the OSCOLA editorial board.


Sources not especially known in OSCOLA edn that is 4th

  • A source cited in a additional supply
  • A judgment citing another judgment
  • Ebooks
  • Book reviews
  • Broadcast programmes
  • Speeches
  • Dictionaries
  • Podcasts, YouTube etc

General questions:

  • Which journals utilize square brackets when you look at the citation?
  • How come OSCOLA involve some examples with full-stops plus some without?
  • On citing URLs (web addresses)


modifications to citation of EU situations and legislation

CJEU cases plus the brazilcupid ECLI

The OSCOLA editorial board will talk about treatment of the European Case Law Identifier while preparing the fifth version. For the time being, article writers who would like to range from the ECLI whenever citing situations from the Court of Justice regarding the eu should address it just like a citation that is neutral incorporating it following the situation name and ahead of the report citation. As an example:

Case C-176/03 Commission v Council EU:C:2005:542, [2005] ECR I-7879.

For unreported situations, cite the ECLI as opposed to the OJ notice or the court and date (as encouraged in OSCOLA 2.6.2). As an example:

Case C-542/09 Commission v the Netherlands EU:C:2012:346.

EU legislation – numbering modification

Take note that from 1 January 2015 onwards, the numbering of EU legislation changed, and that underneath the new approach EU legislation will keep an original, sequential quantity. This quantity must certanly be cited into the type: (domain/body) YYYY/no. For instance:

Council Regulation (EU) 2015/159 of 27 January 2015 amending Regulation (EC) No 2532/98 regarding the abilities associated with European Central Bank to impose sanctions [2015] OJ L27/1

Council choice (CFSP) 2015/236 of 12 February 2015 Decision that is amending 2010/413/CFSP restrictive measures against Iran [2015] OJ L39/18

The numbering of papers published before 1 January 2015 continues to be unchanged (see OSCOLA 2.6.1).

Sources maybe maybe perhaps not particularly described in OSCOLA 4th edn

A source cited in a additional supply

Then in brackets put ‘as cited in’ then cite the secondary source including the page number if it is not possible to find the original source, cite the source as cited in the secondary source. For instance:

Quoted in WL Clay, The Prison Chaplain: A Memoir associated with Reverend John Clay (London 1861) 554 (as cited in M Wiener,Reconstructing the Criminal Culture, Law and Policy in England 1830–1914 (CUP 1990) 79).


In the event that e-book gives the page that is same like in the printed book, cite the ebook just as if it had been the printed book.If the e-book does not have any web page figures, stick to the normal guide (or modified book) citation kind, like the e-book type/edition prior to the publisher. For pinpoints where there are not any web page figures, offer chapter or area number (or part title, in case a true quantity isn’t supplied) and subsection or paragraph quantity if supplied. For instance:

Williams on Wills (9th edn, Lexis Library edn, Lexis Nexis 2007) vol 1, component F, para 23.1.Jill E Martin, Hanbury & Martin Modern Equity (nineteenth edn, Kindle edn, Sweet & Maxwell 2012) ch 1, part 2E, 1-008, text above n 24.William Lucy, Philosophy of personal legislation (Kindle edn, OUP 2007) ch 1, text above n 16.

It may possibly be helpful to relate to a footnote to point the appropriate text such as the 2nd and example that is third. Nevertheless, within the 3rd instance there are three pages of Kindle text between footnotes 15 and 16. Unless you can pinpoint accurately without the page number if you can locate a hard copy of the book use that in preference.

Book reviews

Cite a guide review when you look at the way that is same a log article, but without having the estimate markings. Including,

Rowan Cruft, Book Review (2011) Law & Philosophy 637.

One judgment citing another judgment

Cite the initial situation, accompanied by ‘citing’ and then cite the case that is second. As an example, SG&R Valuation provider Co LLC v Boudrais et al [2008] EWHC 1340, [2008] IRLR 770 [22] citing Miles v Wakefield Metropolitan Borough Council [1987] AC 539.

Broadcast programmes

Cite the name of this presenter (if an immediate estimate), the name associated with programme, radio places station plus the date associated with the programme. If you have no author/speaker that is obvious start the citation with all the title regarding the programme. If available on the internet, are the url and date of access. For instance:

Simon Tonking, ‘Jury Trial’ (BBC broadcast 4, 1 May 2010) accessed 15 2013 february.


Proceed with the advice in OSCOLA 3.4.1, ‘General maxims’ for ‘Other additional sources’. Are the url (web site) and date of access in case it is ideal for choosing the message. The 3rd instance on web web page 39 is a message by Lord Bingham. Another instance:

Stavros Dimas, EU Environment Commissioner, ‘Improving Environmental Quality through Carbon Trading’ (Speech during the Carbon Expo Conference, KГ¶ln, 2 might 2007) accessed 29 May 2011.

See this document for a far more complete reply to this concern; it offers information on Endnote.


Proceed with the examples provided for Encyclopedias (OSCOLA part 3.2.6) as well as in the dictionaries on their own:

Therefore, for the difficult content guide:

‘no-fault compensation’, Oxford Dictionary of Law (7th edn, OUP 2013).

For online dictionaries:

Also think about components of the style advice for internet sites and blog sites (part 3.4.8). When it comes to OED on the web, start the full entry for your message, and then click from the Cite switch (top just over the meaning). Follow that instance, tidying it as much as ensure it is in keeping with OSCOLA styles (eg, modification change twice quotes to single and complete stops to commas, eliminating those who are unneeded; modification OED Online to italics; modification Oxford University Press to OUP and place it ahead of the date; and eliminate // from the net target and delete any text following the Entry number, then place angle brackets across the url):

‘philosophy, n’ (OED on line, OUP 2013) accessed 21 August 2013 june.

For any other online dictionaries, proceed with the basic advice above. You want a date of book or at the very least a romantic date of access (ie once you seemed as they are generally updated regularly at it.

Podcasts, YouTube etc

The basic concepts for ‘other secondary sources’ (part 3.4.1) suggest the following kind for citing podcasts, YouTube videos and comparable sources:

Author, ‘Title’ (publication date) accessed month that is xx

If there is no clear author, provide the organization supplying the supply while the writer. The examples below entail an indicator for citing the remarks of the person.

Dr Douglas Guilfoyle, ‘The UN Convention regarding the legislation of this water: Origins and Importance’ (14 August 2013) accessed 15 April 2014.

British Medical Journal podcast, ‘Insanity into the Dock’ (20 July 2012) accessed 15 April 2014.

If talking about feedback by somebody in specific, include that information while you would a pinpoint, ahead of the url. Are the man or woman’s position if appropriate. for instance:

British Medical Journal podcast, ‘Insanity within the Dock’ (20 July 2012) remarks by MatthewThompson, Centre for proof Based Medicine in Oxford accessed 15 April 2014.

Another alternative, specially if the podcast is fairly long, is always to offer the full moments and moments of this excerpt: