Fresh Prince Pickup Lines

Fresh Prince Pickup Lines

“Girl you really must be tired….cause you’ve been running all the way through my brain all time!”

“How about some fries!” “I’m tryin’ to get me personally some honey’s myself a lil’ sticky…YA KNOW WHAT I’M SAYIN’!? so I can get”

“I think I’ve seen your photo somewhere before… oh yeah that is appropriate, it absolutely was within the dictionary close to KABLAM!”

“You know very well what they state behind every successful guy there’s a woman, however if you wished to switch positions i am with that too”

“Hurry up and write your number down before I don’t want to buy no further.”

“Baby, I’m sayin’: “Bing blang bluesy, me and also you when you look at the Jacuzzi!”

“Girl you appear so great i wish I really could grow you and grow a entire field of y’all.”

“Somebody call the cops, cause it’s surely got to be unlawful to appear that good!”

“Girl, i got eventually to tell you, that suit appears like a piece of ‘Good God’ wrapped up in a few ‘Have Mercy,’ by having a part of ‘unghm!’”

“i may think about permitting you to be beside me.”

“Hey girl, you appear so excellent, I’d marry your cousin in order to be in your household.”

“Oh and G.G.W.B. means Good Jesus, exactly what a Booty!”

“Hey child, we noticed you observing me personally; therefore, i simply like to place you on notice that we noticed you too.”

“I ended up beingn’t speaking with him, baby, I happened to be stealing their wallet!”

“Baby whatever it really is you better offer me personally a dual. which you serving”

Against me personally?“If We said you’d a lovely human body, could you hold it”

“Yo child child exactly just how bout some fries to opt for that shake.”

“My motto is: Keep your fingers on they legs!”

“Excuse me i appear to have lost most of the feeling during my lips.”

“Ladies Ladies its your day that is lucky anyone sits within these chairs have offered from the house.”

“Girl, if Jesus made such a thing prettier for himself. than you I am hoping He kept it”

“Baby you all that in a case of potato chips.”

“I’m hoping you in it. want it dark, hot, sweet in accordance with a spoon”

“Hey infant, you appear so excellent wef only I possibly could grow you and grow a field that is whole of!”

“Don’t stress baby your secrets safe beside me.”

“My dating advice: Never bring a sandwich up to a buffet.”

“How could something therefore smooth be called sharp.”

“I’m able to be drawing on some Honey’s neck-bone at this time, you understand!”

“TO THE HONEYS: Don’t allow no abrasive Negroes concern you.”

“Eeny meeny, miny, moe…now a number of y’alls clothing GOTS to go!”

“I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’, do you know what I’m sayin?”

“I constantly browse the Victoria’s Secret catalog, because all things are half off, I mean. once you learn exactly what”

“Plus, we don’t have any classes that are early we are able to rest in.”

“I gave up my two close friends for a convertible. Oh well, the wind in my own face dried my rips!”