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Cloud Accounting Case Studies

Wordfence is a security plugin installed on over 3 million WordPress sites. The owner of this site is using Wordfence to manage access to their site. Significant reduction in Mainframe MIPS usage through offloading of application development processing to PC workstations. Replatforming of mission-critical online and batch applications as part of strategic imperative to enhance business agility and shutdown the IBM Mainframe. Batch transaction processing rate of 4,400 transactions per second, with average response time of 120ms. With POC gate cleared, and end-state confirmed with Heirloom as the platform of choice, planning for replacement of all Mainframe applications is now underway. Project implementation is being led by the client with direct support from Heirloom staff.

We have distinctive knowledge, tools and expertise to help businesses implement cloud accounting and cloud based solutions. We provide implementation of cloud based software, along with training and technical support. For most businesses, talent and tools will not necessarily be found in-house and Fresh Accounting is there to support clients as an external provider to implement digital cloud solutions. While hardly news, more companies are discovering that traditional bookkeeping, on varied offline products are no longer sufficient enough to meet their clients’ needs. As business and accounting needs and functions change, more real-team interactions are required.

The interactive elements of your cloud accounting software, that enable you to access the various features and tools. A bank feed is the direct integration of your internet banking with your cloud accounting platform, allowing you to access all your banking data. Cloud accounting has all the same functionality as desktop accounting, but moves the whole process to the cloud and expands upon it. There’s no desktop application – you log in to an always-up-to-date online solution and all data is safely stored on a cloud server. Most cloud platforms will also have an open API, which basically means third party software can connect with your system to provide even further value to you as a business owner.

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Accounting Today is a leading provider of online business news for the accounting community, offering breaking news, in-depth features, and a host of resources and services. The Internal Revenue Service has been pilot testing new technology allowing for secure tax transcript retrieval retained earnings balance sheet that can integrate with an accounting firm’s practice management system. Customer case studies highlight customer and partner success with Cisco IoT products and solutions. We do work for the construction company clients keeping other construction companies out of our market area.

One French company teamed with IBM to take the pain out of risk mitigation processes. Mining giant Metalloinvest retires 100 IT systems when it creates a unified company platform with SAP S/4HANA on IBM Power Systems servers. With IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, petroleum company Sol Cloud Accounting Case Studies Caribbean, Ltd. has automated its capital expenditure processes and improved its auditing, compliance and fraud prevention capabilities. How are companies in Central America making the transition to hybrid cloud? GBM is helping automate provisioning of custom hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Accelerate batch processing window, and move towards real-time fraud detection for credit card transactions. The end-state architecture required a cloud-native implementation to provide a cost-effective, scalable, and agile solution. Over 50 online & batch applications that represent critical business differentiation have been identified for refactoring. Project implementation was led by the client with direct support from Heirloom staff. ACI Worldwide is a Universal Payments Company with a digital payments processing platform (used by thousands of banking & brokerage clients). Together with our partners, Heirloom Computing works with some of the biggest companies in the world.

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Jenkins, Magnus, Volk & Carroll, P.C., is a full-service accounting firm with over 75 years of experience helping clients achieve their financial goals. We’re always designing better ways to partner with accounting professionals, whether you want to refer clients directly, white-label our payroll services or even hand off payroll duties altogether. See how accountants from firms of all sizes partner with ADP® to enhance their services and grow their practice. Today’s digital landscape means limitless possibilities, and also complex security risks and threats.

Cloud Accounting Case Studies

To address these challenges, Alibaba Cloud set out to find an end-to-end solution. Following a rigorous RFP process, its banking partner Citi was chosen to automate, simplify and streamline the collections processes of Alibaba Cloud. The existing receivables flow used by Alibaba Cloud relied wholly on telegraphic transfers from third parties. With business growth, the incoming volume increased exponentially and account reconciliation was becoming a major challenge for the treasury team.

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Modernization of application platform handling multi-trillion $ transactions per day, to enable application deployment to the cloud and distribution of services through new digital channels. XBRL (from “eXtensible Business Reporting Language”) is a global framework for exchanging business information, and the format used by your accounting platform for digital tax returns and records. iXBRL stands for “inline XBRL” and is a similar file format, used for several types of corporate filings around the world. The cloud accounting ecosystem allows for automated bookkeeping, automated cash collection and automated bank reconciliation, all of which radically cuts down on your team’s admin workload. Many cloud accounting platforms offer live feeds to your bank accounts, giving you the ability to link your banking directly with your accounting.

  • As business and accounting needs and functions change, more real-team interactions are required.
  • With a cloud accounting platform in place, you can record, track and pay your VAT and tax in the digital space and stay MTD-compliant.
  • Memory-driven computing helped it to double the number of transactions per second.
  • IaaS provides an organization with the same technologies and capabilities as a traditional data center, including full control over server instances.
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This Boston accounting firm has spent the past 15 years refining their best-of-breed tax consulting, compliance, and advisory services. They currently support corporate executives, entrepreneurs, private equity ventures, and more – but their digital assets were controlled by a third-party private cloud vendor. When the quality of their IT service began to lag, it became clear that a much needed switch was in order – leading them to iCorps and the public cloud. Our consultants migrated their employees to Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud platform, over the course of a single night – ensuring there would be no disruption to employee workflow. We were able to seamlessly integrate their line-of-business applications in the Azure stack, while adding layered security through Microsoft Intune and Windows 10.

Broadcom’s search led them to a customizable, Deloitte cloud native mobile solution called MyPath to Work. If operating totally in the cloud is an option accessible to both an accounting firm and its clients, online accounting software can make firm operations efficient and attractive to new clients. It provides the option of a more remote, but more immediate, relationship, which fits into certain business owners’ fast-paced schedules and desire for constant access to information.

If you computer mouse runs out of battery, nobody is there to give you a new one. Or, to bring things full circle, if a customer needs you to send them an invoice, nobody is going to do that for you either.

HPE stands firm against racism and is committed to unconditional inclusion. We have a responsibility to shape a world that is equal for all people. HPE LGBTQ+ team members stand in solidarity with our Black and African American team members. In an age of digital disruption, we support businesses evolve from thinking digital to being digital. You can also read the documentation to learn about Wordfence’s blocking tools, or visit to learn more about Wordfence.

Cloud Accounting Case Studies

The cost of infrastructure required for the application was cut by 70%, delivering a significantly more cost-effective solution for customers, and improving margins for the client. David DiNardo shares how Envolta is leveraging the best systems and processes to focus adjusting entries on customer service, the advisory role, and delivering the best experience to their clients. Faced with an influx of over 350 new business client inquiries, accounting firm Oyster Hub was able to automate the work of 2 full-time staff members through task automation.

Cloud accounting software can revolutionise the efficiency of your bookkeeping, streamline your financial administration and provide a real-time view of your key numbers. But with so many platforms on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll guide you through the core benefits of switching to cloud accounting, with advice on which platforms are available to suit you. Corus Entertainment, one of Canada’s leading media and content companies, delivers content to millions worldwide every day. The company relies on digital tools to support its core processes, from scheduling broadcasts to managing HR and financial accounting. FinancialForce offers customer-centric business applications on the leading cloud platform from Salesforce. We accelerate business growth with the only modern ERP suite and the #1 professional services automation , enabling real-time insights and intelligent decision-making.

Design spaces, labs, clean rooms, production facilities—they all require people to be on-site, sometimes in close proximity to one another. For Broadcom Inc., a global leader in infrastructure technology, completely hitting the pause button for on-site work was obviously not an option. The company knew it needed to do more than the standard response to COVID-19, such as social distancing, protective gear, and hygiene practices. They wanted a rapidly deployable solution that would help alert them to potential instances of COVID-19, understand where action was needed, and integrate seamlessly with their existing systems.

Open APIs mean you can add a range of third-party apps and tools to expand your core business system. There are cash flow forecasting apps, online invoicing apps, industry-specific project management tools and a host of other practical solutions to choose from. These tools enable you to further save time, reduce resourcing costs, identify problems further in advance, and generally ease the pain of unnecessary admin that’s weighing you down.

Travelport processes high volumes of transactions at incredible speeds. Memory-driven computing helped it to double the number of transactions per second. CenterPoint uses IoT solutions to ensure the energy flow to customers and deliver the smart energy grid of the future. Seagate uses an edge-to-cloud architecture that converges Operational Technology and IT to make real time decisions and achieve greater productivity in manufacturing. Their constant drive to create better experiences and impactful incomes propels our innovation. This collection of digital game changers is a celebration of their success and celebrates the transformed word they’re creating.

We have taken our intellectual property, developed across thousands of client engagements, and built ongoing and scalable software available on a subscription basis. Capability as a Service comes out of a recognition that our clients are often having trouble building certain capabilities that are required for the future of work. Our expert consultants and advisors are available on a subscription basis to deliver the capabilities needed to drive success.

Today, over 24 million small businesses use FreshBooks to effortlessly send professional looking invoices, organize expenses and track their billable time. Business writer Ana Gotter shares why she sought a cloud accounting solution for her small business. The US Navy’s Tactical Networks Program Office, PMW 160, is responsible for afloat network infrastructure and basic network information distribution services. One of the critical priorities of the program office is training sailors who operate and manage the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services network. To provide advanced CANES training, the Navy utilized physical network racks as training equipment at two training sites. With only two classrooms, the Navy was limited in the number of sailors it could train each year. Sailors were receiving training on legacy CANES systems based upon earlier technologies.

But today’s businesses also need a way to unify sellers with other key business functions, including professional services teams and traditionally back-office roles, such as accounting and finance. Fill out the form below to get a no-obligation demo of our revolutionary CINC System, and find out why the top association management companies in the country choose CINC.

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