Everything you wanted to know about Hello42 cab in India

Everything you wanted to know about Hello42 cab in India

Uber Cab – Uber usually entered Indian , after operating for a short while was actually banned by the apex court of India. along with doubtful consumer policies. The service provider was given permission to operate in India, due to company’s re-constitution of consumer service laws. The US based company initially operated in almost 11 cities, which mostly included metros and commercial cities.

Easy cab – It can be easily seen everywhere. The fare structure is slightly higher than Ola and Hello42 cabs. The Easy cabs company has been around for quite a long time since the year 2000 and has a strong, loyal regular customer base under their belt in all the major cities of India. Easy cabs have a fleet of over 6000 cars.

Conclusion: Today cab services like Hello42 and OLA totally changed the face of modern India. They are making our journey tension free and enjoyable.

Indian cab services are on the rise with Hello42 cabs leading the pack as they are known for safety, transparency and comfort which make them unique from others. As the cab industry getting crowded day by day, Hello42 is a huge competition for new startups.

Here is the detailed analysis of some of the top features which Hello42 cab service is offering to its customers.

Hello42 cab is an online aggregator based out of Delhi and among the fastest growing taxi hiring firms. Taxi booking facility cab be availed through app, website or through calls.

Hello42 was founded in 2015 mainly to fill the gap where you can get a quality car rental services at nominal rates irrespective of which area in Delhi you want to hire cab rental services, thus ensuring that you get the best value for your money at all times. In the past one year, they have been able to prove their business and service model and currently, they are providing quality car rental services at nominal rates in all area across Delhi.

The cab rental market in India is expected to be Rs.12,500 crores. It has grown pretty much at 15% in the past few years .It is expected to grow at the same rate in coming years as well and they expect the .. They plan to increase the number of cities FreeLocalDates storing where they provide their services and increase the number of local transporters in Delhi.

They are offering a large variety of vehicle such as Maruti Dzire, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Etios, Tata Indigo. Cars are not more than 2 years old*. Each vehicle is loaded with newspaper, tissue paper, and mineral water. They have GPS systems in all vehicles that make each vehicle safe.

The day is not far when a person from small town can also enjoy these clean, safe and reliable cabs

All Chauffeurs are fully trained and police verified. There is a separate department for chauffeur recruitment and training. Chauffeur training is dived in three parts. The first part is called Health training, second part is called Security training and the third part is called Environment training. This training is collectively called HSE training. Additions to this all Chauffeurs are working according to the fatigue management.

They are so far the cheapest service in India for Airport Transfers and other services i.e. Outstation cab, One-way taxi, City tour and for sightseeing.

Hello42 cabs are cheaper? Yes, there is a logical reason for this statement. Unlike all other Taxi services in India, Hello42 cabs are known for transparency.

My preference is not only due to that hello42 cab is cheapest option for Airport transfers but also quality and track record of on time execution