Competition with the Palace intensifies: Pledges of your presidential bets

Competition with the Palace intensifies: Pledges of your presidential bets

Leody de Guzman #2

¦ Revoke the latest Philippine ratification of your own Regional Comprehensive Economic Relationship Arrangement just like the reducing otherwise removal of tariffs will harm local globe and you may agriculture.

¦ Service movements in order to legalize exact same-intercourse marriage; everyone’s sexual taste must be respected therefore the Lgbt area try an integral part of neighborhood that needs to be identified by the official.

¦ Contradict brand new abolition of your own Presidential Fee towards Good Authorities (PCGG) because the services to recover new hidden insightful the new ily you want to continue for it to be gone back to individuals.

¦ Contradict this new decrease in age criminality, as long as the underlying reasons for poverty together with run out of out-of opportunities commonly handled; this new disadvantaged youth losing into the petty crimes had been the new Duterte administration’s favourite scapegoats.

¦ Legalize the employment of marijuana to own scientific purposes, in line with the growth of local materials to own browse and production of regional medicines and you can treatment.

¦ Work for the newest passage through of a law forbidding political dynasties, having he’s got monopolized electricity inside their “kingdoms,” stunted the new mans governmental readiness, and you may stored popular institutions and operations hostage.

Battle into the Castle intensifies: Promises of presidential bets

¦ Resume serenity discussions that have communist rebels so you can pave the way to own long-lasting comfort by the approaching the newest genuine grievances of one’s marginalized.

¦ Benefit brand new passing of a law demanding every public authorities, especially the selected, to release its comments from assets, obligations and you can online well worth (SALNs), along with bank facts which have accompanying waivers.

¦ Fix and you may institutionalize the brand new University of your own Philippines and Company out of Federal Shelter accord within maintaining instructional liberty regarding county college or university.

¦ Pursue almost every other electoral reforms, such as for example a bar with the substitutions by the detachment and on people faced with administrative and you Edina online payday advance may offense.

¦ Functions with the the newest offer off decent and just wages, along with elevating to P750 minimal salary not only in Location Manila but the whole country; the last wage escalation in the administrative centre part is actually several years before.

¦ Adjust the new government’s pandemic effect by having alot more boffins and medical experts, in the place of resigned generals, getting fees; generate mass research significantly more accessible by decreasing pricing; automate vaccination of the heading home-to-household.

¦ Stop reliance upon imported agricultural services recycleables; modernize agriculture by providing many assistance from brand new authorities.

¦ Choose “questionable” loans sustained from the outbound and you will former administrations and see and this finance really gained individuals; for people who did not benefit the individuals, repayments is renegotiated.

¦ Reduce the fresh day-after-day performs shift regarding current eight period to half dozen era, in place of diminution out-of earnings and you will masters, included in an extended-title choice to unemployment; both circumstances deducted can be put together with her to help make the fresh occupations harbors.

¦ Keep the legalization out-of separation; make it maried people disadvantaged from the its package to totally delight in and look after command over their existence the way they get a hold of complement.

¦ Force towards demilitarization of your own West Philippine Water and you will refuse to-be a financial, governmental and you may military battlefield of one’s superpowers; contact Asian neigbors that also keeps coastal claims and recommend an effective “common local area of important commons” for a lasting and rational usage of sheer tips on the contested region.

¦ Enforce a wealth taxation amounting in order to a-one-date 20% levy towards the state’s 500 richest household because off 2020, which could address a produce out of P1 trillion; repeating money tax on monetary property becoming institutionalized, anywhere between 1 percent so you’re able to 5 % according to good tiered-tax price and you can an abundance threshold.