BlendJet 2 review: a blender that is portable your active life style. Main point here: This blender that is portable easy and quick to utilize in the home or anywhere

BlendJet 2 review: a blender that is portable your active life style. Main point here: This blender that is portable easy and quick to utilize in the home or anywhere

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The BlendJet 2 is billed as “the whole world’s Many Powerful Portable Blender,” which it might be, but that honorific implies a lot more of a marketplace for portable blenders, does it not? If you are perhaps perhaps not anticipating the effectiveness of a full-sized blender, you will love this particular cutie that is little.

Portable and easy

BlendJet One

Main point here: This portable blender is easy and quick to utilize in the home or anywhere.


BlendJet 2: Features

Supply: Karen S. Freeman / iMore

The BlendJet 2 is a single-serving portable blender. It is a nice-looking unit and it comes in 16 various colors. Fee it via the USB-C slot in the front side; you’ll get 8-12 combinations from the charge that is single. Each blend period is 30 moments, you can easily run numerous cycles if a person is not enough. Once or twice, i obtained a “error message” (flashing red and blue lights), but a fast plug-in ended up being adequate to reset it and acquire it working once again.

Before utilizing, you will want to read BlendJet’s tips since they aren’t always intuitive. Tips consist of putting the fluid in very very first, cutting fresh good fresh fruit into little pieces before mixing, rather than putting hot fluids in. You actually do not wish to fill the blender near to ability (we learned that the difficult method.) You can also find instructions for clearing jams, cleansing, and cleaning that is deep. Fundamental cleansing is just placing a fall of dish soap in with a few water, managing a cycle that is blend and rinsing. We additionally learned you could start the BlendJet 2 upside down to get the blades going full-speed before flipping it up to mix if you have heavier blending jobs.

Make smoothies, sauces, dressing, and child meals and much more with simplicity.

A Vitamix is owned by me, that is one of the better blenders you can purchase. In reality, you often see them in pubs and restaurants. In comparison to a Vitamix, the BlendJet 2 is merely . poor. But that is most likely not a comparison that is fair all. I recently wouldn’t like you to expect that a small hand-held blender will perform the exact same work as a dedicated full-sized kitchen area blender.

The BlendJet worked perfect for my mini banana smoothie, that was about one fourth cup milk, 25 % of the frozen banana, and a couple of tablespoons of powdered peanut butter and cocoa. It had been a little more challenged by bigger, tougher jobs. The cherry “frozen yogurt” we fashioned with frozen cherries, yogurt, and almond milk never got completely blended, also though we went it through several blend rounds, switching it upside down and each which method. It wound up quite chunky, that has been fine for my preferences, although not for everybody. We probably had means a lot of cherries in the mix. In addition attempted a slushie but recognized We place an excessive amount of ice in it.

The main element is to utilize a lot of fluid, more liquid than solid. If you do this, the BlendJet works great, also with frozen fresh fruit. I am able to see using this to your gymnasium to smoothie blend your protein fresh, before or after a good work out. I am able to see utilizing this to produce fresh child meals for food from the table to your baby, appropriate during the table. The BlendJet 2 is ideal for making salad dressings, sauces, such a thing which is primarily fluid. For smaller jobs that way, this blender would be much easier to utilize than your kitchen that is big appliance.

Ideal for little jobs

BlendJet 2: The Things I like

The BlendJet 2 could be the gadget that is perfect making smoothies on the road, child meals during the dining table (in the home or otherwise not), sauces, salad dressings, and much more. So long as what you are making is mainly fluid, the BlendJet 2 can manage frozen fresh fruit and ice, not a problem.

Supply: Karen S. Freeman / iMore

Perhaps maybe Not for big jobs

BlendJet 2: The thing I can’t stand

Ignore making any such thing really dense. It just won’t blend like a full-sized kitchen blender would if you don’t have a lot of liquid (I’d say close to half the ingredients. It is possible to just forget about creating a big part if there is such a thing solid when you look at the mix. Whenever placing your components to the container, I would remain a few ins underneath the top it to get results (unless you are only combining fluids and powders. if you prefer) that is absolutely a small-jobs blender.

Right work, right blender

BlendJet 2: Important Thing

Need a pre- or post-workout smoothie you can easily pack in your bag? have you been baby that is making, sauces, dressings, and so on? BlendJet 2 may be the blender for you personally. However if you have got heavy-duty mixing requires, you are best off with a “real” blender. We’ll acknowledge We’m completely ruined by my Vitamix blender, which could literally mix such a thing (including, most likely, my iPhone.) The BlendJet 2 just isn’t a Vitamix. But if you go for just what it really is, a portable hand-held mini blender, it really is a good small unit.

Ideal for what it really is

BlendJet 2

If you are perhaps maybe not anticipating the BlendJet 2 to complete the job of the full-sized, high-end appliance, you are going to love this particular portable, personal-sized blender.